TRAILER would also like to thank the following, who have kindly provided the exhibition spaces over the past five years:

Tower Hamlets Council
City Radio Cars Gallery
Greyscale and CYMK
1 000 000 mph Project Space
Three Colts Gallery
The Trafalgar Hotel
Cell Project Space

Special thanks to:

Kevin Smith for making this website and designing our invitations
Charles Brockbank for creating all the e-flashes and designing our invitations
Leon Woolls for taking photographs of ‘Trailer’, ‘Lend Us £100 M’ and ‘Godzilla’;
Gareth and Brendan for allowing use of their house for ‘Lend Us £100 M’;
Ben Parker and CYMK for generous use of the space for ‘Guns and Roses’;
Dallas Seitz and Kate Grieve for inviting us to curate ‘Blondes Buy More Peroxide’’;
Pat Harris and Anat Toffell for all their help and enthusiasm during ‘Ready Steady Go’;
Maddy Carragher and Hilary Best for their incredible support during ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Revolution’;
Sam Lim and Dirk Dalichau for inviting us to use the Trafalgar to curate ‘Gigolo’
Richard Priestly and Milika Murito for all their advice, support and being such great hosts during ‘Yabadabadoo’.

Thanks also go to Darren O’Brien and Yuki Miyaki for all the end of show parties at the Hat On Wall Bar;
Stan Westwood from Preposterous Presents and Russell Lowenborough for making the badges for the shows;
Xtraprint for a great job in printing our invites; Chris and Powercor electricians and Alan at Fastfix plumbers for their assistance.
Pam Richardson for her catering and wisdom.
Finally Karl Marrow Furnature for building all the plinths and walls for ‘Godzilla’ and 'Yabadabadoo'.

And thank you to everybody who helped us consume 7500 bottles of beer over the five years.