July 14th - 29th. 2001
Calvert Avenue, E2
Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Council. Also Hoxton Boutique, Fendy's Hair Salon, Boundary Community Laundrette and Lennie's Snack Bar
Fabio Almeida, Michael Ashcroft, Juan Bolivar, Caroline Brockbank, Lubna Chowdhary, Nick Dawes, Andrew Grassie, John Greenwood, Justin Hibbs, Zebedee Jones, Georgina McNamara, Pamela Richardson, John Richert, Kevin Smith, Leon Woolls

The first TRAILER took place in three disused council shops and five local businesses in and around Shoreditch in London's east end. Initially we had approached Tower Hamlets Council with view of borrowing one of three empty shop units in Calvert Avenue, which had been empty for quite sometime. The three shop units had been empty for several years yet there was nevertheless something special about this street, so we decided to extend the exhibition beyond the three units and approached some of the local businesses along the street to participate. This TRAILER exhibition had been quite an achievement in that it utilized eight venues and showed the work of fifteen artists.

TRAILER was the result of our desire to show the work of artists we had met over the years whom we felt ought to be seen, but was in part a response to Calvert Avenue itself. We wanted to present work in a professional manner but we also had a playful sense for having a ‘temporary’ gallery that would vanish once we had left.

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